Overview and Mission Statement


The HR Executive Forum is dedicated to serve and support the professional development needs of senior-level HR professionals in our community. The association accomplishes this goal through programs designed to guide the strategic practitioner as an individual and as a leader within his or her organization. Regular event presentations seek to build new skills, provoke new ways of thinking and generate positive outcomes in the professional lives of our members.


We are a Twin Cities professional membership organization whose programming provides strategic, leading edge topics that inspire new ways of thinking with an eye to achieving business outcomes. Our members are senior-level Human Resources (HR) professionals who seek insights and connections in order to contribute in meaningful ways to the success of their organizations. Our mission is to enhance the impact of HR across our business community. 

Our programming and networking...

  • Stimulates creative thinking and new ideas
  • Builds community between HR leaders
  • Generates insight and learning that can be applied
  • Expands networks of professional connections and relationships
  • Provokes lively discussion and debate
  • Enables capability-building in leaders and organizations
  • Engages and energizes

HR Executive Forum was established in 1991 for senior human resource professionals seeking to share ideas and advice to support the individual and organizational HR issues they face. The association is non-profit and run by members, which include senior HR executives, line executives and others who provide leadership within their organizations' human resource management practices.

Membership is open to executives and HR professionals working at a policy-making level. 

HR Executive Forum events are devoted exclusively to the professional development of its members and adheres to a strict "no soliciting" policy at member functions.


Download a copy of current HR Executive Forum Bylaws.

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